09 Mar 2021


Missing Accent. Hidden Figure. Accent marks (technically called diacritical marks or diacritics) are symbols that are added to a letter to change its stress or sound. Diacritical marks serve an important role phonetically: they indicate how a word is pronounced. And a diacritic can change the meaning of a word entirely, as is the case […]

11 Oct 2019

Magnum Group obtains ISO Certification


23 Dec 2016

Meet Chomsky, CSO (Chief Smile Officer)

Introducing the newest member of our Team… Chomsky, CSO (Chief Smile Officer) I wag my tail and dance to say hello and show how happy I am. No matter how different we are  I only have love in my heart for everyone I meet. May Your Holidays be Merry and Bright! Vivian Isaak  & Your […]